A calculator to show the minimum to maximum actual damage dealt by a spirit to an enemy based on the input parameters as provided below. The damage formula can be found in List of Answer Skills for Answer Skills (AS), and List of Special Skills for Special Skills (SS). See also Skill Multiplier Calculator.

How to UseEdit

All parameters must be inputted (mandatory). Note: Hipo = Hidden Power.

Parameters Note
Skill Mode "Answer" for Answer Skills, or "Special" for Special Skills.
Spirit's Element The element of the spirit which attacks the enemies.
Spirit's Base ATK The spirit's ATK stat as shown in the Edit Deck screen.
Team Hipo ATK Up The total of additional ATK from team hidden power(s) ATK up that affects the spirit. This includes the helper's hidden power as well.
Spirit Skill Multiplier The spirit's AS or SS multiplier in a decimal number (actual number, not percentage).
If the spirit's AS or SS is team ATK boost, or has nothing to do with damage modifier (such as Healing AS and Poison SS) then the multiplier is 1x.
Team AS ATK Boost The total amount of team AS ATK boost that affects the spirit in an integer number (percentage). This includes the spirit's AS ATK boost itself. If the Skill Mode is set to Special, this parameter will not be included in the damage calculation.
Team SS ATK Boost The amount of active team SS ATK boost that affects the spirit in an integer number (percentage).
Split Into The number split attack(s) in a single attack (turn) of the spirit. If it's more than 1, the calculator will display the damage of each split attack, and the total damage of them.
Display Combo From The number of minimum combo to calculate the damage until the maximum combo.
Display Combo To The number of maximum combo to calculate the damage from the minimum combo.