This feature uses Friendship Friendship Points (FP) to invoke various spirits (See the list here). These are of a much lower caliber compared to the spirits found in the Crystal Invocation. Generally, the only reason to use this feature is get common Evolution Materials.

Friendship points can be obtained in the following ways

  1. 'Encourage' your friends.
    Each friend you encourage gives 5 FP, and each time you're encouraged gives 3 FP. After encouraging, you have to wait 2 hours to be able to encourage the same friend again.
  2. 'Share' your spirits to Twitter.
    You can do so by tapping the Twitter icon in the spirit's detail screen. You'll get 10 FP for doing so, but there is a cooldown time before you can get the 10 FP again. The cooldown time is unknown at the moment.
    Note that this will open the Twitter website in your default browser in your device. However, you don't have to really 'share' it. Simply tap the icon, then immediately close the browser will get you the 10 FP.

There are two invocation types

  1. Single Invocation
    Invokes one spirit. It takes 200 FP, and requires at least 1 open slot in your inventory.
  2. Mega-Invocation
    Invokes ten spirits at once. It takes 2000 FP, and requires at least 10 open slots in inventory. It's equivalent to do Single Invocation ten times. This feature was added on August 20th, 2014.

Available SpiritsEdit


  1. FP maxes out at 99,999.
  2. It's possible to receive 5 FP repeatedly by removing people in your the following list, following users you haven't encouraged yet, then encourage them. These users are also subjected to the 2 hours cooldown time before you can encourage them again, so adding and re-adding the same person will not work (not possible to encourage them as the button will be disabled until the cooldown time is over).