This page is meant to consolidate all the "Rate The Spirits" (RTS) that have been written so far in the wiki page.

RTS is a series (usually a blog series) that is meant to review spirits which are in the game. Most of the time the authors will go through about the spirits' potential usage and recommendations, and compare them to other spirits. If you write any, please put it in this page. Note: Some of the older reviews are deprecated due to new spirit additions (notably, reviews prior to October 2014).

Go Kart TurtleEdit

  1. Introduction
  2. RTS: Starters
  3. RTS: Fire B-ranked Part 1
  4. RTS: Fire B-ranked Part 2
  5. RTS: Water B-ranked Part 1
  6. RTS: Water B-ranked Part 2
  7. RTS: Thunder B-ranked Part 1
  8. RTS: Thunder B-ranked Part 2
  9. RTS: Fire A-ranked Part 1
  10. RTS: Fire A-ranked Part 2
  11. RTS: Fire A-ranked Part 3
  12. RTS: Water A-ranked Part 1
  13. RTS: Water A-ranked Part 2
  14. RTS: Water A-ranked Part 3
  15. RTS: Thunder A-ranked Part 1
  16. RTS: Thunder A-ranked Part 2
  17. RTS: Thunder A-ranked Part 3


  1. Introduction & Summary
  2. Let's Rate: Frederica, Prospere, Sophie, Lucio, Secilia and Ayfa
  3. Let's Rate: Yukka, Jormungand, Ruchille, Kutlea, Pham and Nalicia
  4. Let's Rate: Wizard of Gears Spirits
  5. Let's Rate: Wizard Cup - Awakening Spirits
  6. Let's Rate: Isabeli, Hazuki and Muse
  7. Let's Rate: Wizard Cup - Summer Winds Spirits
  8. Let's Rate: The Dusk's Four Spirits
  9. Let's Rate: Riverta, Aura and Cittra
  10. Let's Rate: Wolf of Scarlet Woods Spirits
  11. Let's Rate: Wizard Cup - Royal Cuisinier Spirits
  12. Let's Rate: Chrome Magna Summer Beach Camp Spirits



  1. RTS: Rabbit, Mischief & Goddess
  2. RTS: Wizard Cup: Legends
  3. RTS: Renewed Chocolat Forest
  4. RTS: Wolf of Scarlet Woods (limited invokes)
  5. RTS: Shamia, Ou, Yayoi, Zygmunt, Arianna, and Allois


  1. RTS: Water delayers!
  2. RTS: Fire delayers!



  1. What to expect? Summer Chrome Magna
  2. What to expect? Renewed Chocolat Forest
  3. What to expect? Chrome Magna Cup
  4. What to expect? Legend of Dragon God II
  5. A quick look: Fairy Garden
  6. What to expect? Renewed Halloween Night
  7. A quick look: Jennifer & the Ruins of Sand
  8. What to expect? Princess of Eternity
  9. What to expect? Secret Wizard Cup
  10. RTS: Renewed Eternal Chronos
  11. RTS: Dragon Wizard Cup
  12. RTS: Egg Kingdom
  13. RTS: Wizard Cup - Royal Cuisiners II
  14. RTS: Dusk 4 renewed
  15. RTS: Crystallic Wizard Cup
  16. RTS: Circus of Insanity
  17. RTS: Christmas Guild Master Special!
  18. RTS: Twins of the Heavens
  19. RTS: Crimson Battlefront


  1. RTS: Permanent Invoke Summary
  2. RTS: Megaboss
  3. RTS: OP Spirits Part 1!
  4. RTS: OP Spirits Part 2!