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Skills are special attributes that can be activated in battle. They are incredibly important and players should think carefully about how to build their team. This page gives a summarized description of the different skill types and their effects as well as how they can be used. Most C Rank Spirits have no skills.

The Spirit Roles and Crystal Invoke pages are good guides for which Spirits have what skills. For more detailed descriptions skills, check out the List of Answer Skills and the List of Special Skills. The calculations and detailed numerical information are in those pages.

Answer SkillsEdit

These are activated if you answer a quiz question within 5 seconds. If you answer on or past the "15.00" time on the countdown, then the skill will not be activated.

Type Description In-Game Description
Damage Up

Hits a single enemy with increased damage. These skills commonly have modifiers (see below).

"X increase in damage to one enemy."

Where X ranges from Slight < Small < Medium < Large < Massive

Damage Up (Variable) Hits a single enemy with randomized damage (varying more than the usual 10%). 

"Randomly X increase in damage to one enemy."

Where X is medium or large

Or something relating to a "long shot attack".

Slay Element

If the enemy is of a particular element then the skill hits exceptionally hard.

"Do a X amount of damage to one (Water/Fire/Thunder) element enemy"

Where X is large or massive

Slay Race If the enemy is of a particular race then the skill hits exceptionally hard. "Do a X amount of damage to one Race:Y enemy"

Where X is large or massive, and Y is a race

Divided Trimagic

The attack is evenly split among the remaining targets. 

"'To all enemies, do X damage divided amongst the number of targets."

Where X can be Slight < Small < Medium < Large < Massive

Undivided Trimagic Undivided Trimagic was first added on the 4th of April 2014, and deals FULL damage to each target as opposed to the split damage of Trimagic. "Do an undivided X increased amount of damage to all enemies"

Where X can be (blank) < Small < Medium < Large < Massive

Multi-Attack The attack is split into equal parts and hits the main target. If the target dies, the remaining attacks will continue hitting the next target. These AS usually give a boost to the damage of the attack. "attacks in a row to one enemy

Where Y ranges from 2-5.

Team Attack Boost

Increases the damage of the spirit and other spirits of a certain element in the deck by a fixed percentage.

"Increase ATK of (Water/Fire/Thunder) element members by a X amount"

Where X ranges from Small < Medium < Large < Massive

Heal Heals all spirits of certain element(s) by a fixed percentage of their MAX HP (including hidden powers). "Heals a amount of HP to all (Water/Fire/Thunder) members"

Where X ranges from Slight < Small < Medium < Large < Huge < Massive

Self-Heal Heals the caster by a fixed constant amount of HP. "Self-healing of X HP."

Where X ranges from 50 to 300

Absorb Heals self by a percentage of the damage dealt. "Absorb a X amount of energy from one enemy"

Where X ranges from Slight < Large < Huge < Massive

Conditions & ModifiersEdit

Answer skills tend to have additional requirements before they will activate or vary in their effectiveness.

Type Description In-Game Description
Combo The skill only activates after a certain number of consecutive correct answers.

There are certain combo skills with slightly different descriptions but they still follow a similar pattern.

"Increase damage by a X amount after Y consecutive correct answers"

Where X can be small < large < huge < enormous < multiple

Y ranges from 2-15 combos. The skill first activates on the turn where the combo reaches Y and will continue to stay active until the combo is broken.

HP The skill only activates if the caster's HP is within a certain range. This can be either for HP above or below a certain point. "Increases damage by X amount when less/over than Y% health"
Deck Elements Increase the spirit's damage based on the number of elements you have in your team. The first boost activates in a mono deck and increases in dual and tricolor decks. "X increase in damage for the number of elements in the deck"
Emblem Colors Increase the spirit's damage based on the answer panel chosen. The first increase is a dual color question and it increases even more for tricolor questions. "X damage increase for 2-colored panels, for 3-colored"
Fallen Team Increase the spirit's damage based on how many of your cards are defeated. "X Increase in damage for the number of fallen team members."

Special SkillsEdit

These are activated by tapping the spirit's icon during your turn. It takes a few correct answers to charge these skills. You'll know they're ready when the element symbol is glowing/animated. Many special skills have the different names for the same description.

Type Description In-Game Description
Nuke All

Deals damage to all enemies. The damage does not split, it is a flat amount on each.

Variations include sacrificial nukes that drain the caster's or the whole team's health.

"Do a X amount of (Water/Fire/Thunder) damage to all enemies.

Where X is small < medium < large < massive < ultimate < overpowering

Nuke One

Does a single, full power attack to one enemy. These skills are usually more powerful than Nuke All to a single enemy if they have the same damage description.

Variations include sacrificial nukes that drain the caster's health.

"Do a X amount of (Water/Fire/Thunder) damage to one enemy"

Where X is medium < large < huge < massive < ultimate < destructive

Multi-hit Nuke Hits single enemies with a number of attacks. If the enemy dies then the attack moves to the next one.

"Do X Y amounts of '(Water/Fire/Thunder) 'damage to single enemies"

Where X is usually 3-5 and Y is small < medium < large

Shave Decreases the health of one or all enemies by a percentage of their remaining HP. The effectiveness of the skill decreases as the enemy's HP decreases. They're best used at the start of a battle, especially boss battle. "Reduce all enemy HP by X%." or "Reduce all enemy HP by X%."

Where X is usually 10-30

Poison Deals damage over several turns by applying a poison status effect.

"For X turns, deal poison damage to all enemies."

Where X is 3-8

Attack Boost Increases the attack of the caster or the whole team of a certain element(s) for a number of turns. "Increase ATK of (Water/Fire/Thunder) element members by a X amount"

Where X is small < medium < large < massive < ultimate

Heal Heals your party by a percentage of max HP or by a set value. These commonly have modifiers that only affect certain elements.

Variations include gradual healing over several turns and a combined status ailment cure

"Heals a X amount of HP to all members"

Where X is small < medium < large < massive

Cure Removes status ailments such as poison "Cure status ailments for ally spirits."
Revive Brings fallen spirits back to life with some percentage of health. This skill is best used in conjunction with "glass cannons" (spirits with low max HP, high ATK) or sacrificial nukers.

A variation requires the sacrifice of the caster to revive the other cards

"Revive all (Water/Fire/Thunder) element members and heal X% of their HP"

Where X is usually 20-50

Shield Gives a defensive boost against a certain elemental attack(s) to your team for a number of turns. The skills don't reduce the damage taken from poison and shave. "Reduce by X% (Water/Fire/Thunder) element damages"

Where X is 20-75

Delay Increases the enemy's next attack counter by a number. Delay skills are very important for boss fights as they allow more time to attack, heal, and prepare other skills.

Multiple delays cannot be activated at the same time. i.e. After an enemy is delayed, it can't be delayed again until it attacks at least once.

"Delay attack turn for X turns"

Where X is 1, 2, or 3.

Emblem Changes the elements of the currently presented question panels. Skills that change category panel elements do not change the difficulty of a question (3 element questions turned 1 element are still as difficult). Also, skills that change to two elements change to combination questions not a mix of single element questions.

"Change category panels to (Water/Fire/Thunder) "

"Change category panels to random elements" gives random single element panels

"Change category panels to ALL elements" gives all tri-element panels

Taunt Forces enemy attacks to the caster for a number of turns. This skill can be helpful if used in conjunction with a reviver or a strong backup spirit.

Variations include an added all-element self-shield for a certain percentage. The self-shield can stack additively with a team-shield, which makes it possible to get a total of 100% damage reduction or more to receive 0 damage from enemies' attacks.

"Redirect enemy attacks to yourself for X turns."

"Redirect enemy attacks to yourself for X turns, and reduce damage by Y%."

Where X is 3, and Y is 50/75

Reduce SS Activation This skill reduces the number of correct answers, or TTC (Turns To Charge), needed for all allies' SS to charge if it's not charged already, excluding the caster's. It can't be stacked with any other SS reduction; a spirit has to cast their SS first before the TTC can be reduced again. "Reduce the required activation turn of ally spirit's Special Skill by X."

Where X is 1 or 2.

Answer Help Randomly removes a number of the possible question answers or shows the correct answer. This skill is helpful for new players and to support skills with combo requirements.

"Eliminate one answer choice"

"Eliminate two answer choices."

"Show the correct answer."

Enemy SkillsEdit

Some enemies are also capable of using skills.

Enemy Skills Description
Note 1: Enemies using skills will not attack in that turn (except Combo).

Note 2: Status effects carry over to the next battle if their duration have not run out. Furthermore, the last turn of a battle does not count towards the status effects turn counter.

Charge Increases damage of its next attack by 100%.
Combo Change normal attack to multiple multi-target attacks in one turn (4x3 means 4 attacks to 3 spirits at a time).
Counter Standby Kills (deal very high damage to) spirits that hit the target with an attack. Using SS skills to the target will not be countered. If the enemy is killed, there will be no counter attack.
Element Shield Reduces damage from shielded element by a percentage.
Heal All/Heal Self Heal all enemy spirits or only itself, by a percentage of their Max HP.
Lock AS/SS/Full A status effect. Targets are unable to use AS/SS/act for a set amount of turns. 3x2 means 3-turn lock to 2 spirits.
Poison A status effect. Deals damage to your spirits after each of your turns. 3x7% means a duration of 3 turns and 7% of Max HP as damage per turn. Damage can also be fixed, in which case it can be written like 3x200.
Ratio Deals ratio damage (%) based on your spirits' remaining HP.
Reflect SS Kills (deals very high damage to) spirits that hit the target with any special skill with the following exceptions: If hit by a multi-hit nuke, the enemy Reflector will strike back as many times as they were hit by the split nuke; If poisoned, the Reflector respond with the same amount of poison damage lasting for the same number of turns. Skills that hit only other enemies will not be reflected. Likewise, only the spirit who hit the Reflector will be affected by Reflect, even if the skill used hits more than 1 enemy spirit. Damage inflicted is not enhanced by Weaken or reduced by Shield.
Revive Revives all downed enemy spirits.
Weaken Element A status effect. Spirits take more damage than usual, usually a total of 2x, from weakened element.